2015 YY9 Gallery, 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Hong Kong
2013 Arnold and Sheila Aronson Galleries, Parsons Alumni Exhibition 2013, New York
2013 YY9 Gallery, Abstraction, Hong Kong
2012 YY9 Gallery 8th anniversary show, Hong Kong
2012 YY9 Gallery, Reflection, Hong Kong
2010 YY9 Gallery, Artist gathering, Hong Kong
2009 The Cat Street Gallery, Signal 8 summer show , Hong Kong
2008 The Cat Street Gallery, Signal 8 summer show , Hong Kong
2000 John Batten Gallery, Hong Kong
2000 The Painting Center, New York
1999 Rush Arts Gallery, Presumption of Innocence, New York
1999 John Batten Gallery, Travelling around, Hong Kong
1999 Parsons School of Design, Senior Thesis Exhibition, New York
1999 Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Zodiac, New York
1997 John Batten Gallery, Hong Kong ( solo )
1995 Wattis Fine Art, Hong Kong ( solo )
1994 Wattis Fine Art, Window to 1995, Hong Kong
1993 Gallery 7, Seven for Seven, Hong Kong
1991 Conrad Gallery, Hong Kong ( solo )
1990 Fringe Club, Hong Kong ( solo )
1990 11th Nippon Graphic Exhibition, Shibuya Parco, Tokyo, Japan

Private collections and Ferrier Hodgson, Hong Kong

1998 I like listening silence by Dee Dee Choy, distributed by Printed Matter Inc, New York;
I like listening silence by Dee Dee Choy, collected by Museum of Modern Art Library, Queens, New York

2010 Hands on Hong Kong: Celebration of Art
1993 Reuters Hong Kong Ltd
1991 Professions Sevens Rugby Tournament, Hong Kong

1999 First Annual Painting Competition, Honorable Mention, Parsons School of Design, New York
1995 Selected publications: American Illustration 14, “Angel”, P.41
1992 International Creativity’92 Award, New York - Single ad, print category. Client - Air New Zealand
1991 Hong Kong 4A’s Creative Awards - Best Illustration; small space ad; small space print campaign. Client - Air New Zealand
1990 11th Nippon Graphic Exhibition, Runner-up award, Tokyo, Japan

2000 Morning Calm (Korean Airlines magazine), April
1995 Eastern Express, The graceful coming of age of Hong Kong illustrator and painter Dee Dee Choy, P.20, Jan26
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1993 Window Magazine, Seven for seven - Gallery 7 exhibits the work of seven up and coming young artists,P.32, July12
1993 Asian Art News, Seven for seven at gallery 7 by John Batton, July
1993 Hong Kong Tatler, Seven up, July
1991 Professions Sevens program, Artist shows her colours, P.43, Dec
1990 South China Morning Post, P.32, June
1990 Breakthrough magazine, Whose says you cannot stay young, Dee Dee Choy enjoying painting
1990 Sing Tao Daily, A joyful well out of brushstroke, June 8

1990-91First Institute of Art and Design, Hong Kong

1999 BFA; Art Education Certificate, Parsons School of Design, New York
1989 AAS Degree in illustration, Parsons School of Design, New York

Asia / Business Travel, Asia Pacific / Breakthrough, Hong Kong / Capital, Hong Kong / Discovery, Cathy Pacific in flight magaizine / Epicure, HK / Friends of the Earth, HK / Hong Kong Travel / Healthy Living / Leisure / Marie Claire / Mandarin Oriental Magazine / Next / Peak / Play Boy, Hong Kong / Rolling Stone, USA / Sawasdee / Silk Road
Newspaper and Magazine ads
Air New Zealand / Amoy Soy Sauce / Professions Sevens 1992 / Seiyu department store
Tavolini Restaurant, Hong Kong / Beaches Bar & Restaurant, Hong Kong / Mario’s Italian Restaurant, Hong Kong
CD Cover
The Mambo Kings, Elecktra Records, New York
Book covers
Skinful by Robyn Flemming, Brio Books
Eva’s Waiting and Fong Ling at Twenty, Breakthrough Publishing
MTR / Professions Sevens Rugby Tournament
Hong Kong Post Office
Greeting cards
Christmas cards for Sony music ( USA), Duracell, Friends of the earth / Greeting card for
British airway, DDB Needham
Hotels and Restaurant Special Event Promotion
Excelsior Hotel, Hong Kong / China Junk Bar and Restaurant, Hong Kong
Mobil / The Bridge / The Swank Shop / Le Cadre
Cake box cover
Monique, Singapore
Fringe Club / Professions Sevens Rugby Tournament